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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Rowan Review

The store just got the new Rowan Mag in! (yeah!) No matter how many small yarn companies I am now in love with, I think I'll always pray at the altar that is Rowan. There's really no one like them.

That said, here's my unvarnished take on their latest mag... It looks to me like they've finally recovered from losing Kim Hargreaves. After she left, there were several mags with just a few good garments in them. This one, however, is stuffed with good garments -- but, unfortunately, absolutely appalling styling. I mean look at this sweater... Really, it's classic Rowan - classic styling, sophisticated color work -- but what is up with the styling? I mean what does that sweater have to do with anything else she's wearing. And that hat/headdress? It looks like it's hiding an antenna so her people can contact her! This sweater really should be photographed at one of those all-too-perfect outdoor cafes. The model should be wearing a little tank underneath and a pair of smart slacks or maybe even a nice full spring skirt. Heck, if you want to funk it up a little, put the model in skinny leg jeans at a microbrewery. Even the "stories" with less unfortunate styling have a few headscratchers... I can't find a copy on line, but what about the photograph of the kid silk haze sweater/wrap from the beach story which is out of focus? I mean really folks -- out of focus? I think the last time anyone should consider a totally out of focus shot was artistic is junior high.

My advice to Rowan -- get rid of whoever is pushing the high-concept styling. Go back to waifs wandering the moors...
My advice to knitters -- try, try, try to look past the styling. Look at the lines and the schematics. Don't get bamboozled by bad art direction, Rowan still has some of the most classic patterns and fabulous yarns around.


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